What power do I need for a water feature?

Generally, the minimum would be 2 x 240v outlets. 1 x pump and 1 x lights. If it’s a fish pond generally 4 x power points are required for additional filters etc.

Can I use a 12v or 24v pump?

Yes, you can, especially when you are unable to provide a power point close by. These pumps are generally lower in power, are used for 24hr filtration to save on energy and are more expensive then 240v pumps.

Is lighting important?

Yes, lighting is very important, not only to enjoy at night but as in landscape lighting it can create a totally different look and mood than during the day. Generally warm white lights are use but coloured lights can also be incorporated. All lights we now use are low energy LED.

Are your features child safe?

All of our water walls come with a pebble grates which hides the water from view. In fish ponds we install customised grates so young children can’t fall into the deep water upon request from the customer.

Are water features high in maintenance?

Our water walls are designed for low maintenance. Pebble grates hide the water from excessive sunlight and warmth which deters algae growth. All of our water delivery systems are designed to be pulled apart entirely for cleaning if required. Fish ponds are built and equipped correctly from the outset to enable the client to maintain a crystal-clear pond. Many natural chemicals are also available from us or aquarium shops to deal with any problem that may arise.

Isn’t a 240v pond pump risky or dangerous?

All 240v pumps have a fully encapsulated motor for safety. They do fail from time to time or from pump over heating due to running dry but we have never had a report of electrocution as 99% of clients also have an RCD installed in their home.

Can I use a solar pump?

Solar pumps are very small and don’t have sufficient power for most water features. Without a battery back up of course you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your feature at night.

Can I have fish in my water feature?

Of course, depending on the size of the feature and or pond. We would generally recommend against it in our wall-based water features as it leads to more maintenance but in a pond situation we customise the build with the correct equipment to make the fish pond as maintenance free as possible.

Is depth of water a legal concern?

Generally, the deeper the water, especially in fish ponds, leads to a healthier and happier pond environment. We recommend our clients to check with their local council for any restrictions prior to build approval.

Can you maintain our feature?

Yes, we continually maintain our customers features or ponds. whether it be on a quarterly or yearly schedule or simply by request. Maintenance is the best way to keep everything working as expected and providing you and your guests with a great experience.

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